Rosenberg Racing is a family owned and operated team, with an extensive history of interest in motorsports. Beginning with Philip’s introduction through autocross, rallycross, SCCA, Corvette Club Time Trials, BMWCCA, and various open track days, he patiently awaited the time he could share his love for the hobby with his children. Starting with family dirt-biking trips and heavy equipment operation, it quickly became clear Matan had found his passion.

Siblings Mara, Matan and Ben
Matan driving our team’s Miata

At the ripe age of 13, Matan proclaimed he was ready for the real deal – cars. His focus was quickly shifted towards finding a high-performance driving organization that would take him on, someone who didn’t even have their driver’s license. After initially proving his car-control competence, Matan worked his way through the driver ranks, and along the way ignited the fire in his older brother and sister.

The Rosenberg family became a staple at AutoInterests’ events and through dedication and love for the sport can now all be found instructing and driving. Continuing to follow his inspiration, Matan began his racing career in 2021 and is currently working hard to pursue that path as it unfolds with the support of his family, friends, and mentors.

From left: Mara, Philip, Matan, our friend Sean, and Ben
Matan in the red Miata during a Gridlife GLTC race